Pros and Common Misconceptions of Sober Companions

Pros and Common Misconceptions of Sober Companions

Making mistakes will allow you to learn what you truly value. Your life, your health, and your relationships with those who are around you. And overcoming these mistakes makes you the best teacher to influence and help others. That is why sober companions exist.

What are sober companions? A Sober companion, sober coach, sobriety coach, or recovery coach are titles all representing the same job in the field of addiction, providing one-on-one assistance to newly recovering individuals.

Sober companions are getting really rampant in today’s industry as alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and alcohol use disorder kills 3 million people each year, accounting for up to 6% of global deaths. And some of these people have a lot of stories to tell and people seeking help.

Here is why you should have a sober companion:

  • Having a sober companion is one of the most effective ways possible for you to overcome the fear that you have been accumulating over the past years whether to get into rehab or to face the world again with optimism.
  • Sober companions will provide help whenever you need them. With that being said, they will be there with you 24/7.
  • A sober companion can be there for an unbiased position. Having a companion gives you a brighter outlook on life considering that not everything may work as expected.
  • Imagine a life where someone helps you boost back to life with only one goal in return — to help you. Your companion will make you realize that there are other things that can be fun other than drinking.
  • Help you bond and reconnect with loved ones. As a companion that has been in the same situation as you did, they understand all the challenges that you have encountered with your social relationships during those tough times and will help you build those relationships again.

Whether or not you need a sober companion is a decision only you can make. It isn’t simply realistic to assume that you can live in an environment where you are abusing drugs and alcohol, and remain clean.

Common Misconceptions of Having a Sober Companion

Sober companions may sound peachy, right? Especially if you are committed to helping yourself, one might think of having one right away. But, what are the things to reconsider when having sober companions? Here are some lists to guide you.

  • The primary concern from most people is how they will cope after eventually using their services (sober companion)? Some people might realize afterward that he/she is not prepared to go for it alone.
  • You may not be able to determine if your sober companion has the best interest of you as some are only looking to make money.
  • Sober companions might not work for others as you expected them to be. Some companions may admit that they can help you reduce, instead of complete abstinence.
  • Sober companions may cost some who are thriving in their day-to-day lives. This may be an issue to some, however, if determined enough, you would be thankful one day that you have invested in something that made you better.

Staying on Track with Sober Companions

The firsts are always the toughest. So, even though you’re confident when you leave rehab, the added protection from a sober companion will always be worth your time and money. Your journey towards the path to recovery would be fruitful.

Though there are some misconceptions about having a sober companion, rest assured that they are there to offer sober services that work for your best interest, further helping you seek sobriety and live a cleaner and healthier life.