Riley Beek: Helping Businesses Get the Most Out of Influencer Marketing

Riley Beek: Helping Businesses Get the Most Out of Influencer Marketing

It is with no denying that businesses are reaping immense benefits from influencer marketing. Actually, a number of business owners believe influencer marketing tends to attract customers thus attaining success hassle free.  This might be because users of social media platforms are more affluent while at the same time recommending products or services to their family and friends. However, for you to get the most out of influencer marketing, you will need to work with a person who enjoys a wide following on social media. One such person is the famous Riley Beek.

Who is Riley Beek?

Riley Beek is a famous Instagram influencer serving the health and wellness niche. She is originally from Newport, Beach CA but nowadays resides in the Los Angeles area after making a name for herself as one of the most reputable influencers. Riley has always had an aspiration for others this not coming as a surprise to many if we are to go with her passion for sailing.

As a child, Riley dreamt of becoming a veterinarian and even though her plans changed, she maintained her desire for helping other people in the society by opting to study psychology at the University of Mississippi. While in college, she continued sharpening her skills for her future job as a psychologist.

Riley Beek and Influencer Marketing

Riley’s journey to becoming a successful influencer marketer started way back during her freshman year of high school.  This is after she discovered Tumblr, a website that hosts funny images and memes. She started posting and commenting on the site for a couple of years and actually took this as her hobby. Things took a different turn when Instagram gained immense popularity in different parts of the world.

With the growing popularity of Instagram, Riley opted to post funny memes and images on her profile going by the name bitc.h. This is after her other options for username were taken. Thanks to her marketing skills, she was able to grow her account thus attracting over 300k followers within a span of two years. Riley’s boyfriend, Blake Bell, who also posted videos on social media networks, Vine to be precise opted to join her and together they were able to create an arduous team of Instagram influencers. The team now boasts of more than 5.2 million followers and works under the social marketing agency popularly known as Beach Social. The agency collaborates with big-name brands including AOL, Burger King, Tinder, and to name a few.

In Conclusion

Riley Beek is one of the most popular influencers in the health and wellness niche.  She is now using her popularity to draw attention to her other passion, travelling. Looking at her personal profile, you will realize she enhances the essence of living a healthy and active lifestyle. At the moment, her influence runs across social media platforms and serves as a good example for people who want to achieve success in life.