Scott Bartnick’s Time Management Goals Inspire New Entrepreneurs

Scott Bartnick’s Time Management Goals Inspire New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs know that we only get a certain amount of time per day to make a difference, and that the only approach that matters is the one you’re attempting to do, right now. Today.

Says e-commerce and Amazon expert Scott Bartnick of the work-life balance, “people who succeed at the work-life flow actually have really good time management skills–every mentor and guru out there can tell you the importance of owning the morning and starting the day off right.”

Scott, whose consulting and holding company services entrepreneurs worldwide, has owned the morning for years, and has a few guiding lights for each day. Everyday has its own goals–three personal and three work–and each day has its own examination in light of those goals. One of those personal goals is working out, something he did no matter how late nights can get.

“Even when I was abroad and staying in hostels, if I was up late I’d be the first one up the next morning getting started before anyone or anything else,” says Scott of his world travel, where he leveraged a $10-a-day e-commerce goal so he could explore the world in the first place. His travels led him to build the brands and companies he runs today, like Otter PR and The Five Day Startup.

“That routine is sacred–rising early, working out (even if I’m sick), and getting my time in sooner than later. Without it, I’m lost.”

“Hustling” isn’t always about breaking your back and putting in 16-hour workdays, though. Says Scott, “you need a daily balance. When I was traveling, and even today, I would take time to break. Those breaks would lead to amazing discoveries and people, and inspire me back to work later on. As long as my focus and growth mindset came first, I was golden.”

To avoid burnout and breakdowns, there has to be a balance, and that balance needs to be the foundation of a great brand and team. Scott has seen products rise and fall, and knows what it’s like to not only be successful with months of growth, but to see almost-bankruptcy due to unavoidable circumstances. This past year, like most companies, Bartnick and his team took a hit marketing a popular product because it’s market base was outdoor festivals. Restrictions due to COVID-19 killed his business plans before they could even launch.

But Bartnick bounced back and doubled-down on a great business and its team as well as his consulting credentials, assisting new entrepreneurs in their own businesses and setting up new e-commerce platforms, complete with private consulting, project implementation, and video classes.

“Sometimes you need a four-hour siesta,” says Bartnick, “and sometimes you need to lock it down for the day and get to work without any distraction. If you manage your time wisely, all the answers are right there in front of you.”