Secrets about Universal TV Remote

Secrets about Universal TV Remote

As TV becomes one of the indispensable parts in daily life, the LED TV remote is of great importance. Once damaged or lost, it will bring loads of unnecessary troubles to life. In this occasion, it is necessary to have a universal TV remote control. Here are several questions about the universal TV remote that you should know about.


1. What is a universal tv remote?

It refers to a wireless transmit-and-receive device, which can decode infrared signals of various remote controls, store the received infrared signals and send them out again. In this way, it can control most TV brands. As a comparison, if the traditional remote control is one to one, then the universal remote control is one to N, which saves you plenty of problems.

2. Can universal TV remote control all brand TV sets?

Exactly. In most cases, it can manage to control a majority of TV sets. But it also depends on the brand and model of universal LED remotes and televisions. Generally speaking, the universal TV remote purchased on the regular platform can control most brands of TV sets. Of course, you must know more details of the products before you buy them. For example, the compatibility is one main issue you should consider about the LED TV remote.

3. How to set up a universal TV remote?

This is a tricky question to answer since different universal remote controls have a distinctive setting. But at least you need to make sure that the remote is equipped with batteries (some universal remote controls are charged via USB) and read the product instructions carefully. Generally, the procedure of setting the universal LED remote could be divided into three steps: install the TV remote, search for the matched brand, start the routine control. The key lies in the second step, which will mostly be shown in details in the instructions. Of course, when you are unable to set it up, it would be an excellent choice to find customer service consultation / after-sales.


4. Is there any other choice besides the universal remote control?

Of course. Some mobile phones nowadays can also be used as a universal TV remote, which are characterized by infrared functions. Currently, infrared mobile phones include Glory 9 and Huawei P20 Plus, as well as some models of millet mobile phones, are available. As for other mobile phones having the infrared function, users can raise such questions on Google by themselves.

5. Is there any recommendation of the universal TV remote?

Honestly speaking, most manufacturers nowadays could provide standardized universal TV remote, among which, SYSTO is the one worth recommending.

SYSTO was established in 1998. They are engaged in the R&D, design, production, sales, and service of various LED remote controls. After they are continuously aware of the requisition of the market, gaining insight into market opportunities, they got a new idea of the remote control. It is all-brand-in-one universal LED remote control and the products have achieved wide critical acclaim. Up to now, they set up the brand agent in foreign countries and also make progress with a high reputation all around the world.

Universal LCD LED TV Remote Control L1130+8 is one of their top-of-the-list products. It could control all kinds of television, be set up quickly, and manage to control an ultra wide-angle of 160 degrees. This universal TV remote is perfect to solute the problems of replacing the old and destroyed remote control.


The universal LED remote is genuinely an advanced creation to free people from worrying about television control issues. To have one tackling your problems, you would not want to miss SYSTO.