Should You Use Wired or Wireless Headphones for Gaming?

Should You Use Wired or Wireless Headphones for Gaming?

You might be wondering, ‘is a wired headphone better than a wireless headphone when playing online games?’

Typically speaking, a wired audio accessory offers better audio quality, while a wireless headphone is more about convenience and being tangle-free. Here’s a quick comparison between the two.

Online Gaming with Wired Headphones

Wired headphones use a good old-fashioned auxiliary jack to connect to your device, such as a computer or smartphone. Plugging them in is just a matter of locating the aux port on the device and putting the cable in. Plus, you won’t need to set it up compared to Bluetooth headphones, for instance.

In terms of sound quality, wired headphones are great. You’ll be able to hear every nuance, from sound effects to atmospheric music and whatnot when playing your favorite games at SSGAME350. The only concern is that the wires could get tangled up especially if you’re lying down or moving, and untangling them could take some time. Also, there are several gaming devices and smartphones that do not have the aux port, so it’s best to check before buying a wired headphones.

Online Gaming with Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones typically use Bluetooth technology to connect to a device. The higher the Bluetooth version the longer and better the connection quality.

Wireless is great for those who don’t want to be inconvenienced by wires and cables. Just prop it on your head, turn it on and connect and you’ll be good to go. Afterwards, you can disconnect and it’s easier to keep and store as well.

When playing online games with wireless headphones, the Bluetooth connection can get a bit laggy and you may experience a delay. This happens when the internet speed isn’t fast enough, or if the wifi signal is the same wavelength as Bluetooth. Also, sound may not be as accurate or deep as a wired setup.