Steps to Obtain NY Medical Marijuana Card

Steps to Obtain NY Medical Marijuana Card

The medicinal use of marijuana has come to light over the years. The age old herb is derived from the cannabis plant. Studies reveal that it proves to be useful in treating various ailments. The dravet syndrome and lennox gastaut syndrome are among the two severe forms of epilepsy for which medical marijuana has proved to be an effective cure. It is also beneficial for those suffering from ailments such as crohn’s disease, muscle spasms, depression, anorexia, arthritis, anxiety and glaucoma among others. However, studies are still going on to find out more about how safe and effective this drug is.

Since, marijuana is considered to be very strong this is why you cannot just go and purchase it over the counter. Let us learn more about medical marijuana and how you can have easy access to it with a NY medical marijuana card.

A Brief about Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is made with extracts from the marijuana or cannabis plant. The plant contains numerous kinds of chemicals referred to as cannabinoids. These chemicals have different kinds of impact on the body. While some of these help in healing serious illnesses such as those mentioned above others are used for the purpose of recreation.

Steps to Obtain Medical Marijuana Card in NY

Let us now take a look at how you can procure NY medical marijuana card:

See a Doctor

One of the prerequisites of obtaining a marijuana card in New York is to get approval from a licensed NY medical marijuana doctor. This is why the first step in the process is to book an appointment to see a licensed medical marijuana doctor. This can be done online. There are quite a few websites that help with the process.

Undergo Medical Examination

Once the appointment is fixed it is time to consult the doctor. After proper medical examination the doctor approves those who are eligible to obtain the card. Such patients are given a patient ID.

Register with NY DOH

Next, you need to use the patient ID number and other related information to register with the NY DOH and complete all the application formalities with the state.

As a part of the registration process, the patient must produce his/ her proof of residency. He/ She must be a New York resident in order to get approval for the program.

Receive the Medical Marijuana Card

After the registration process is completed and the approval from the state is obtained your medical marijuana card will be sent to you via mail within a span of 1 to 2 weeks. Once you get the card you will be legally entitled to purchase cannabis from any New York dispensary.


In order to continue the legal purchase of cannabis you require an annual re-certification by a licensed doctor.

We hope this piece of information helped you gain adequate knowledge about the use of marijuana and also how you can obtain NY medical marijuana card so as to be eligible to purchase this drug legally.