Streaming Services Are Now More Than Just Video

Streaming Services Are Now More Than Just Video

OTT, or over the top media services are platforms that give you an entertainment experience in the form of videos.

Thanks to the emerging tech, the internet and big data in general, streaming companies are now offering more than just video. It’s convenient due to the fact that all you’ll need is a compatible device, e.g., your smartphone, tablet or laptop that’s connected online.

People mostly subscribe to OTT services to watch their favorite shows on TV. To get started, you can call up your cell phone or internet provider and ask for available bundles, packages and pricing. In South Korea, people can watch sports at 메이저사이트 for free.

While it’s true that people get OTT mainly for watching videos, saying that OTT is simple video distribution is not true. Aside from video on-demand, you can also get messaging, internet voice calling and audio streaming solutions, among others.

Major sports broadcasting stations are rethinking sports content and adapting to the ways on how their fans can be more engaged. Examples include game highlights, news and statistical data that enhance the viewer’s experience.

OTT in itself has video as one of its main offerings, but there are times that these services are included, too.

Audio. Audio streaming to popular sites and personalities is available. Podcasts and internet radio are some of the most commonly consumed audio media on the web.

VoIP. WeChat and Skype are among the list of examples when it comes to VoIP solutions. In some cases these services complement a mobile network’s feature.

Messaging. Instant messaging services usually have their own platform or app, bypassing popular ones like WeChat, Skype, Google, Facebook and even mobile SMS. Today’s companies have strived to offer all-in-one apps that can be used for several communication medium. You won’t need to get unlimited voice calls or SMS to communicate with people and even those from halfway across the world.