Streamlining the Workflow with Handheld Mobile Computer

Streamlining the Workflow with Handheld Mobile Computer

All walks of industries are undergoing digital transformation, which has accelerated over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. By using the portable computer for data transmission while keeping in-time communication out of different settings, these digital means support efficiency and fulfillment for everyone involved.

Rapidly expanding labor and distributing different locations has caused an increase in siloed information that is creating inefficiencies and contributing to workforce burnout. As enterprises turn to digital workflow capabilities supported by the portable communication system, they are able to drive better efficiency and overall satisfaction.

UROVO, a cloud-based digital communication platform, is helping to update workflows, improve access to information and strengthen connections across the organization to ultimately provide better service fulfillment.

Multiple sets have deployed UROVO’s handheld mobile computers that could handle the flood of workflow streamlines. The devices lineup such as DT40, DT50, RT40 can be better positioned to deliver immediate response: Users can use handheld mobile computers to chat live or check data in real-time.

Handheld Mobile Computer is Ready for Streamlining the Workflow

The workforce in various industries is seeking the convenience of digital access, including healthcare, retail, logistics, manufacturing:

  1. Healthcare Industry: healthcare workers need live information to make the best decisions for their patients. Handheld mobile computers actively provide real-time data for healthcare workers to streamline the workflow and boost patient safety.

Handheld mobile computers used in healthcare should have integrated voice and computing capabilities to record and relay important patient information. These industrial mobile computers work for bedside care and medical supply inventory, which can also be applied to healthcare for specimen collection, real-time access to patient information, patient identification, inventory management, clinical collaboration, and medication administration, amongst others.

  • Retail Industry: the average smart device an employee has in the retail industry covers common uses, but with the invention of handheld mobile computers, especially rugged ones, the average has a new meaning.

More companies in the retail sector are looking into rugged handheld mobile computers to increase workflow efficiency. Some handheld mobile computers come as PDA barcode scanners which make sales and taking inventory easier.

The application of these mobile computers in the retail industry includes inventory management, product scanning, data collation, promotion tracking, and store operation management.

  • Logistics Industry: Customers receiving their packages in time and in pristine shape are essential to the success of the logistics industry. Therefore, handheld mobile computers in the logistics industry are used in package sorting, shipment tracking, customer support, inventory and quality control, dispatch communication, and employee scheduling.
  • Manufacturing Industry: handheld mobile computers in the manufacturing industry apply to product quality control, machinery maintenance, order tracking, and product inspection.

In terms of machinery maintenance, handheld mobile computers schedule preventative maintenance tasks. The rugged handheld mobile computers with PDA barcode scanners can monitor the manufacturing process from production to delivery and product quality control.

UROVO’s handheld mobile computer at the Forefront

The tech industry has various handheld mobile computers that claim to possess the features you need to modernize the workflow in your company. But UROVO Tech differs in this regard. Instead of building clouds in the sky considering what their devices provide, they deliver results:

  1. Responsiveness: UROVO handheld mobile computers like the DT40, DT50, and RT40 function using the 802.11ac, 802.11r roaming, and real-time voice multi-frequency band to deliver in operations quick response standards.
  • Data collection and Transmission: the data collection and transmission cover large distances over ten meters and deliver an accurate response in milliseconds making for smooth transmission. Once the data is collected, it is transmitted over a stable Wi-Fi network. These handheld mobile computers prioritize Wi-Fi stability and roaming capabilities to ensure the uninterrupted transfer of real-time information.
  • Barcode Scan: the barcode capabilities on UROVO handheld mobile computers utilize high-performance scanner engines equipped with 1D/2D barcode applications. The handheld mobile computers also support screen barcode scans, DPM barcode scans.
  • Sophisticated Product Design: the notion that handheld mobile computers for industrial uses aren’t sleek and stylish barely hold water anymore. UROVO focuses on delivering applicable devices that possess a sophisticated design. The handheld mobile computers of UROVO have dual cameras, 2.4G/5G capabilities, a 5.7 LCD screen display, and a streamlined design within the 250g-450g weight range.
  • Ultra-high Compositions: Users that use UROVO’s mobile computer can link into personnel records by digital identity recognition through fingerprint or facial. The second embedded function – NFC, is given to enable contactless communication. The device, which has RFID technology, makes it easy to transform a handheld mobile computer into a handheld RFID reader in mere seconds.

UROVO Technology is a pioneering force in the world of handheld mobile computers and payment terminals. With 14+ years of experience, UROVO has perfected the process of streamlining organizational workflow with their devices. The streamlined workflow improves the overall efficiency of any company.

For how your company can be one step ahead of the competition, visit UROVO for more information: