Technologies that can Help keep You Safe Online

Technologies that can Help keep You Safe Online

Online security is now a mandatory aspect for those who browse the world wide web. Fortunately, there are technologies that help you be more secure whenever you’re shopping, watching videos and playing an online game.


A VPN, or virtual private network hides your internet identity through proxies and makes it virtually impossible to track you down. It’s one of the most common tools to acquire a secure connection and keep your browsing habits private.

You’ll find that there are several kinds of VPNs you can use, from simple ones such as a vpn plugin to services and even hardware that encrypt your online traffic.

Usage varies per instance- if you like a no-nonsense extension then you should install a vpn extension for google chrome, or your respective browser app.

Two-Factor Authentication

Known as TFA for short, two-factor authentication serves to alert you when somebody else is trying to log on to services, apps and others using your credentials. It prompts you to enter an authentication code to a trusted device, which you should have in your possession.

TFA keeps away intruders who are trying to hack your account. It’s an essential technology so you can keep your private and financial data safe and secure.

Fingerprint and PINs

In addition to passwords and two-factor authentication, sometimes devices will ask you to put in your fingerprint or a PIN code to enable a purchase.

It’s similar to how TFA works- you complete an additional step for security’s sake.

The Internet

The internet is a truly useful tool not just for finding out answers and products, but also for catching up on the latest information and ways to keep yourself safe.

You can look up online news and methods regularly so you can update your tools or download new antivirus or anti-hacking software and apps.