Telugu Songs To Motivate You In Those ‘Low’ Moments

Telugu Songs To Motivate You In Those ‘Low’ Moments

In the current stressful lifestyles, we all feel demotivated from time to time. There can be many reasons for this, but there is no specific solution. However, songs have always been most people’s rescue to their different moods. If you are one of those, then here are a few Telugu songs that you should listen to in those ‘low’ moments of life. They will instantly boost your mood and will give you that dose of motivation that you need. Also, you can visit Telugu mp3 song download websites to download these songs and keep them with you forever so you can listen to them even without the internet. So let’s get started with the list.

Chal Chalo

Who hasn’t watched Samantha and Ally Arjun’s Son of Satyamurthi? The 2015 release was a super hit blockbuster, and it had some fantastic songs. One of those songs is Chal Chalo. This track is sung by Raghu Dixit and is written by Ramajogaya Shastry. The song depicts how there is no escape from troubles in life. However, you can choose to learn from those ups and downs and finally become successful. It also says that hard work is the only key to success, and no person can achieve success in life without hard work. So whenever you feel demotivated in life, you can listen to this song, and it will instantly give you motivation.

Kannu Theristhe Jananamele

The song was featured in Nenu Meeku Telusa movie that was released in 2008. Despite being so old, the song Kannu Theristhe Jananamele manages to creates an impact on everyone who listens to it. Track, starring Manchu Manoj and Sneha Ulal, was sung by Naveen and Ranjith. Whenever you feel stuck in life, you can listen to this song, and it will make you feel better in every way.

Sye Sara Sara Sye

It is one of the oldest motivational songs on this list. It came out in 2002 with the film named ‘Idiot.’ The song was composed and sung by Chakri, and Kandikonda wrote its lyrics. The song depicts that if you want to achieve something in life, you should do it without fearing anything. It also tells you that you should be feeling great about yourself, instead of anyone else. Moreover, it would be best to show people what you have rather than claim what you can do. It is the perfect piece to listen to when you want to achieve something in life and feel demotivated towards it.

Everybody Song

The film Chukkallo Chandurudu was released in 2006, and it bought this song with it. The song starring Siddarth, Sada, and Charmi, still stands as one of the most inspirational Telugu songs. With Bhaskar Batla as lyricists, it was sung by Siddarth. The song praises the value of time and how it cannot be repurchased in any case. It further adds that only the sky is the limit for you if you want to achieve something in life. Therefore you should not wait for anything or anyone and should accomplish all your goals without any delays. Also, even if something lets you down, you should get up again and get going. So for people who are moving towards their goals with full force, this song can serve as a 24-hour motivation.

Yahoo Yahoo Song

The Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, and Richa Gangopadhyay starring song came out in 2013, with the film Mirchi. The song tells you how you should enjoy life no matter what it brings for you. As you cannot depict everything in life, it is better to accept everything and celebrate it. So if you feel stuck in some life situations, this is the perfect song for you to listen to.

With this, our list comes to an end. The conclusion of each one of these songs is simple: you should keep going and working hard no matter what life brings you. So be happy and listen to these songs on repeat.