The Advantages of Custom Paper Coffee Cups

The Advantages of Custom Paper Coffee Cups

Advantages of printing a logo on cups

Whether serving delicious ice cream in your coffee shop or running a Friday night bar, custom paper coffee cups are the perfect way to get attention.

Printing on paper cups turns the cup into an unusual packaging and promotional tool. All well-known chain restaurants or outlets serve drinks in cups with their logos and slogans. Printing on a cup helps to increase brand loyalty and recognition and expand the circle of regular visitors. In psychology, such advertising is as much as possible, like a customer. He does not feel the tension or any imposition. He is relaxed, but the image or text on the cup, the conditions of the action. And everything that is placed in the cup affects his subconscious.

How to put a stamp on a paper cup

Printing on paper cups is an essential tool for increasing brand awareness. Glasses in modern catering services have become a convenient utensil and a carrier of advertising information. For clients of cafes, restaurants, and catering outlets, not only hygiene and convenience of tableware have become necessary, but also its visual appeal. Therefore, printing on a paper cup is an opportunity to increase the number of customers, to make your brand famous.

Putting a logo on a paper cup can be done:

  • Flexography. Low-viscosity inks are used, and volatile solvents are added. This can lead to an unpleasant odor, so it is worth paying attention to water-based inks. This method has the advantage that printing is fast because the process is automated as much as possible.
  • Offset printing. Here already provides full-color printing, making it possible to apply paint with a smooth transition of colors, tones, tones, and shades. This allows you to spread the highest quality images on the dishes. Such an order will take more time, but the result will be a high-quality, bright image.
  • Pad printing is the most commonly used method for printing on concave and convex surfaces, as the colors are applied one at a time.

A sticker is an alternative method of placing the logo on a paper cup. It is not printed on the glass cup but paper, which is then glued to the product. This is one of the simple and budget-friendly methods of advertising your brand.

Benefits of printing on a paper cup

Offset printing makes it possible to print any number of colors and transfer them to the original color of the graphic file! The advantage of the offset printing method over flexographic printing is the smooth transition of shades and halftones, which guarantees a clear transfer of all colors. Due to this, it is possible to print an image of any number of colors. And shades on a paper cup from the manufacturer! After publishing a branded cup, you will see great results!

No matter how your logo is printed on a paper cup, it will do its job and help you achieve high marketing goals. After all, coffee cup branding is one of the best advertising tools available today!

If the paper cup of your establishment has managed to cheer up the visitor, then consider that he has become your regular guest and automatically told all his friends about it! Our team of experts will help you create a unique layout with the logo, which will attract visitors’ attention to your establishment.