The Benefits of Working with a Link Building Specialist

The Benefits of Working with a Link Building Specialist

From web designers to social media managers, there are plenty of different specialists that can help you build your business and get customers coming in the door. 

However, link building specialists at have a specialty that’s particularly useful when it comes to making sure your business gets the best search engine rankings possible: they know how to properly build links back to your website. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with a link building specialist to keep your site on top of the search results pages.

2x more Traffic in 6 Months

Working with an agency will help you get more traffic in 6 months than if you went it alone. Why? Link building requires research, constant experimentation, and insight into how your business is perceived by those on your target market. It can be a daunting task for those not familiar with SEO and link building techniques, but SEO professionals understand their market better than anyone else. 

So why not let them handle some of that workload for you? You’ll have time to focus on other aspects of your business while they work to build relationships with journalists, bloggers, webmasters, and other influencers who are looking for content to publish. In short: they’ll take care of getting people talking about you online so you don’t have to worry about it!

10x Better User Experience

There are many benefits to working with a link building specialist. First, you have built-in accountability. A specialist is committed to generating quality backlinks for your business, which means they can’t let it slide or fall by the wayside without having their name attached to it. 

Second, because specialists know how to work within Google’s guidelines and algorithm updates, you don’t have to worry about your rankings taking a hit when Google inevitably updates its search algorithm. 

Third, link building specialists are experts in SEO and link building strategies—so if anything comes up that you don’t understand about SEO or any other aspect of online marketing, they can answer all of your questions and walk you through any concerns.

A boost in Conversions

It’s no secret that many factors can influence your website’s search engine rankings. One factor often overlooked is website link popularity. Search engines use links to gauge how important your site is relative to others on the web. 

The more links you have, and from other high-authority websites, will increase your site’s ranking in search results. So if you need help gaining backlinks from quality sources, it might be time to consider hiring a link building specialist.

Increased Brand Awareness

A study by Search Engine Journal showed that 85% of B2B companies listed brand awareness as their primary reason for linking to other sites. If you want your brand to gain recognition and stand out from your competitors, it’s important to invest in link building. 

By working with a specialist in link building, you can reach more people across various channels and establish yourself as an industry leader. You’ll also increase trust and engagement with your target audience, making them more likely to return to your site. This will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates for sales.

No Risk to your Site

With link building being such an important part of SEO and inbound marketing, companies should be wary about who they trust to help them out. There are all sorts of shady operators out there, including those who will submit their client’s site to directories without permission or even try and sell links for your site. 

A reputable link building company won’t risk damaging your site at all—they do it safely, by focusing on producing quality content that attracts links naturally and organically. 

They don’t use any black hat tactics like keyword stuffing or paid links. They also have a full understanding of Google’s guidelines and aren’t going to get you into trouble with search engines.

Receive Results within 30 Days

Working within Google’s guidelines and best practices is highly recommended, but not always possible when it comes to obtaining quick results. How to choose the right link building agency depends on many factors.

If you are looking for immediate results on your website’s search engine rankings, consider consulting an experienced link building specialist. These link building specialists can help improve your search ranking immediately and in return increase visitor traffic to your site. 

Keep in mind that just because these specialists can help get you ranked quickly doesn’t mean they will be able to keep you there long term.