The Revolution of View master and User Experience Review

The Revolution of View master and User Experience Review

The very first designs of the view-master were introduced in 1939. These stereoscopic toys revolutionized the sound and feel of the snapping motion of the iconic camera. They made most people extremely excited when they viewed their personal, vivid images in a slideshow. This gadget was a famous attraction to most children worldwide and made it possible to view beautiful landscapes. Currently, the view master viewer has undergone several improvements and enhancements that flicker the same awe and wonder for the digital era. IDEO and Mattel made the new reincarnated model in collaboration. The redesigned model has bridged technology and plays with available original classic features and a more engaging 360 degrees virtual experience.

Steps to using a view-master include.

  1. Download the view-master app to your device.
  2. Slide a smartphone into the sleek headset.
  3. The phone’s camera then scans the QR codes to view a variety of images.
  4. The machine then displays two different photos side by side on its screen.
  5. The images appear in 3D after the eye reconciles both photos.

The view-master user can explore every scene-setting and travel through them virtually by moving their head with the viewer over their eyes. The phone sensors help to detect the direction and position in which one moves. Designers have been able to study the original creation of the view-master and have been able to develop various prototypes that are mainly attracting the kids as the significant market. The view master has therefore been used to achieve more than just joy and play in kids. It has been advanced and can now be used to learn virtually by taking tours on interest through a set of view-masters. 

The pricing range for the view-master varies from one seller to another. The apple stores sell it for around $30 while it costs around $20 on Amazon. The viewer is also compatible with several contents. It is, however, worth noting that the device has a few shortcomings for its users. The view-master VR works with iPhone as from iPhone 5 upwards and a few android phones. The device acts as a holder for the phone while the phone has to do all the necessary lifting. It has a set of lenses that separates the two images appearing on the screen to ensure that each eye only views one embodiment. The view master apps available to be downloaded by users include Space, Destinations, and national geographic wildlife. A user can, however, subscribe to additional features content at $15.

Below are examples of phones which are compatible with the view-master

  • Samsung GalaxyS6
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy s5
  • LG
  • HTC one
  • iPhone six-plus
  • iPhone 5x
  • Phones with iOS 8 and above and phones not listed with a screen of 5 to 6 inches.

Some of the user’s experiences with the view-master are not positive due to a few challenges.

  1. The device is plastic hence easily breaks on falling.
  2. The field of view is a bit narrow, and the lenses do not provide a broader perspective.
  3. The user’s view is restricted to the image in front of them.
  4. The photos viewed may blur when turning one’s head.
  5. The viewer has a wrist wrap and no head wrap, and therefore the user has to hold it manually to their face while using it.
  6. The quality of the phone or device used on the viewer impacts the quality of VR. 

Despite all the challenges one is likely to face when experiencing the view master, and the following are some of the best features offered include.

1. Immersive 3D experience

The view master VR has Google cardboard that places you in the center of the photosphere enabling a 36o degree viewer experience according to their selection. The view on the scene changes as the user moves their head while looking around. The viewer’s direction does not matter since the images stretch around, above, and behind the user. The viewer can also interact with their virtual world by clicking a lever on the device.

2. Easy to use experience.

Since the view master is compatible with both android and iPhone, the experience is easy to enter. Once the phone has synchronized with the view-master, VR augmented images appear floating in the air. The viewer can then select the augmented reality that is most suitable for them, and just by a single click on the lever, the user begins to experience the VR world.

3. Learning

The view-master has made it possible for kids to take virtual journeys to various parts of the world and even travel virtually to multiple countries. The device offers a 360-degree immersive environment and fantastic virtual worlds. With just a click, one can uncover facts, go to new sites, and dive deeper into the scene, including going undersea and traveling through different time settings. 

4. Full experience

The view-master comes with different experience packs. The packs will help to open up a child’s imagination and allow them to visit places they have always wanted to experience. The packs are sold with preview reels with demos, and they can be collected to enable one to travel to new worlds and experience adventure at a cost. However, the starter pack comes with one view-master VR viewer, one adapter for iPhone 5,5c and 5s, one preview real, and a user’s guide.

 The view master faces competition from computers and other high technologies and operation toys but still has a secured future. The company producing view master has drastically improved and experience more sales. Some more designs and reels have been established. The significant changes expected to occur are on the film, cartoon, and entertainment being licensed to be included in the View master properties. The company does not produce much waste from the manufacturer since the plastic and acrylic parts can be recycled and reused.