The Tech Behind E-Cigarettes

The Tech Behind E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are the digital counterparts of traditional tobacco and cigarettes. It’s mainly comprised of a battery, a cartridge for storing flavor, nicotine and others, an atomizer, a sensor and a small LED light at the end of the device.

Curious as to how an e-cig works before you visit a vape shop? Read on and learn more about this technology below.

E-Cig Mechanism of Action

An e-cigarette kit will contain the e-cig unit, a charger and a few sample e-juices. You can purchase e-juices in all flavors from a liquid shop to enhance your smoking experience.

The device’s atomizer does the job of vaporizing the e-juice so you can inhale it. A cloud of vapor escapes from your lips and simulate real smoking, but unlike the real thing it doesn’t linger and smells good depending on what you’re taking.

You will need to charge up your e-cig every now and then for the atomizer, LED light and cartridge to work. You can also customize your e-cigarette device and everything in it- get a bigger battery so your smoking experience lasts longer, upgrade the atomizer to produce more smoke, etc.

Keep in mind that you’ll still need to observe etiquette and follow public rules regarding vaping. If a restaurant does not allow smoking, it makes sense to ask them first before proceeding.

Benefits of E-Cig

E-cig users can have their choice of liquids depending on what they want. For instance, they can emulate the real taste of tobacco or go for something different, such as coffee, mint or even bubblegum flavor. They can even change the flavor several times a day.

The costs of vaping isn’t as expensive as the real thing. You can buy a basic kit and a few e-juices from a vape shop without breaking the bank and get to enjoy your habit without the health risks involved with smoking real cigarettes.