Thinking About Becoming a Realtor? Ask Mike Bjorkman

Thinking About Becoming a Realtor? Ask Mike Bjorkman

It is one thing to go to a realtor school and earn your license. It is another thing, learning the ropes through an agency program. These are viable examples of paths people take to become a realtor. Learning from someone like Mike Bjorkman, however, is another deal altogether.

In the world of real estate, Mike Bjorkman is someone who has been there and done that. He made the deals, signed the contracts, and marketed the properties. His accolades, awards, and achievements along the way are of legendary status – and he isn’t done yet.

Mike Bjorkman Then and Now

For Bjorkman, it all began with the three generations of his family before him, in the then still small town of Santa Clarita, CA. In his very first year in real estate, he didn’t merely succeed but excelled. By the end of his first year, a young and motivated Bjorkman found himself on the Re/Max Top 1% in the Nation List.

He has never looked back. Today, Mike Bjorkman owns Team Bjorkman and operates a boutique real estate company called California Living, with two locations in Santa Clarita and Ventura, California.

Yes, today’s mature, accomplished, and successful version of Bjorkman looks like the younger model only with more success beneath his belt. Been there and done that? Yes, and he isn’t done yet.

Teaching and Leading Others

While Mike Bjorkman is still active in the world of real estate, he also finds his time more divided today. With obligations like speaking engagements and roles like teaching and leading others, he has even more demands on his time.

Those demands, however, after three decades, only continue to drive him forward. When it comes to real estate, few can match Mike Bjorkman’s expertise, track record, and success.

Are you looking for a career in real estate? Then you couldn’t ask for much more than learning from and working with an industry legend like Mike Bjorkman. Thinking about a career in real estate? Just ask Mike Bjorkman.

Bjorkman and the Future

With all the demands, obligations, and responsibilities Bjorkman has, he still finds time for new endeavors. One of his more recent ventures led him to the world of Bitcoin. Seemingly, like everything Bjorkman does, he has found success here too.

Not only is Bjorkman now invested in cryptocurrencies, but he is also training people. Bjorkman himself, of course, is focused on the real estate and property management side of the fence.

Mike Bjorkman began his career and dedicated himself to helping his community of Santa Clarita. Nothing much has changed all these years later, despite Santa Clarita and Bjorkman both finding a world of success and growth.