Tips For Transforming Your Apartment Into A Green Space

How To Incorporate Plants Into Apartment Living

Every new year is an opportunity to make positive changes in your life. When making goals and resolutions for 2023, you don’t just have to focus on laborious steps or your shortcomings. Instead, you can look for simple ways to improve your quality of life and find more joy in daily living.

One way to feel better in your living area is to add more green space to your home or apartment. But, if you are living in a smaller rental, you might not have a yard or outdoor space.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having more plants, such as flowers and herbs, in your life this year, here are some ways to incorporate a green thumb into your apartment lifestyle.

Tip 1: Utilize Any Outdoor Space You Do Have

Because each apartment is different, this tip might not apply to you. But, if you have a patio, deck, or porch of any kind, you’d be surprised how many plants you can add. Of course, you’ll need to determine how much sunlight the area gets each day and choose plant varieties fit for the climate.

However, you’ll likely be able to add a good deal of flowers, herbs, and even fruits or vegetables in pots or planters. Being able to use something you grew when cooking is rewarding, so why not plant something you can eat?

For those of you without outdoor space, look into community gardens. You could reach out to your property management company to see if there is a space that could be turned into a shared garden for the building or find options in your city.

Tip 2: Take Advantage Of The Areas Next To Windows

Even if you have an outdoor area, you should bring some greenery inside. Luckily, many plants thrive indoors as long as they’re taken care of in the right conditions. Your best bet to have a lot of plants inside is to set up shelves or put hanging pots near windows. Most plants need some level of sunlight to thrive, so utilize the spaces near large windows. You could even add planter boxes outside the windows to brighten up the exteriors.

For more information about indoor plants, check out this beginner’s guide.

Tip 3: New To Gardening? Try Some Easy Starter Plants

You may have seen people on social media with thriving indoor plants. Some people have even decked out their entire apartments in greenery. But, if you don’t have much experience tending plants, you might want to start small and simple. Begin with a houseplant or two. There are many varieties out there that are relatively easy to care for and that even do better when mostly left alone. In fact, one of the most common ways people accidentally ruin plants is by watering them too often.

Some varieties to consider for an apartment include:

  • Bamboo
  • Zebra plants
  • Pothos
  • Thyme
  • Basil

If you have pets, always research before adding a new plant to the mix. Some common indoor plants, such as peace lilies, are toxic to most pets.

So, whether you want to turn your apartment into a green oasis or just want a bit of stress relief by adding some pretty planters, you can create the perfect vibe, even in a small apartment. With these tips and some research, you’ll find you have a green thumb and a transformed apartment in no time.