Tips to Improve Wifi Speed without Spending

Tips to Improve Wifi Speed without Spending

Wi-Fi speed is directly related to how well you can play online games, and when things are getting laggy and delayed you’ll need to do a few things to improve it.

What’s better than improving your wi-fi speed? Boosting it without having to shell out money. Here are 4 tips you can try today.

Do a Complete Reset

As ridiculous as it sounds sometimes shutting your wi-fi device on and off can work wonders in speeding things up.

This applies to all affected devices- the modem, your router and the device you’re using. Keep in mind that during this time you won’t have internet so it’s best to tell family members beforehand.

Turn off the devices for 30 seconds to a minute, then turn them back on again. You can check to see if your internet has improved by doing a speed test.

Move the Router Closer

Wifi signal can also depend on where you’re playing, watching movies, or browsing the web for Tips to Win Online Casino Games. If the router is too far away and you’re only getting a few bars, then it may be better to move it.

This way you can also eliminate possible obstacles, like walls, other devices and obstructions. It’s recommended to reposition if you’re going to be playing or working in that location regularly.

Update the Router’s Firmware

This requires a bit of a technical know-how. First, you must be able to access your router through a website or the app and see all of its settings. Then, check under the ‘Updates’ section to see if there are any new ones you can use.

Firmware updates ensure your router is working its best. Companies also send them out to fix both minor and major issues for customer satisfaction.

Call Your ISP

Lastly, you can check with your ISP, or internet service provider to find out if there’s a problem in your area.