Top 7 Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Developer

Top 7 Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Developer

Cloud Computing is an upcoming popular field that is in great demand today in various business sectors. There are numerous opportunities for professionals in this domain.

As per LinkedIn, there are over 29,000 jobs open for Cloud Developers in the United States while in India alone, there are more than 27,000 jobs available for these professionals in major organizations.

In this ‘Top 7 Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Developer’, you will read about the major skills that you should most definitely acquire to become a Cloud Developer. However, before getting into the details of that, let’s try to understand who Cloud Developers are and what they do. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started!

Who is a Cloud Developer?

Cloud Developers are professionals in the cloud who are responsible for building computer programs, software, applications, and more using various tools and techniques from a cloud platform. Further, they are required to implement and maintain the organization’s cloud architecture and infrastructure. Apart from this, the job of Cloud Developers is to design, build, analyze, and manage the organization’s cloud systems. To become a certified Cloud Developer with a high-earning salary, you must obtain the Cloud Computing certification from Intellipaat.

Now, you will read about the skills that are necessary to become a Cloud Developer.

Skills to Be a Cloud Developer

You need to acquire numerous skills and understand various concepts to become a successful Cloud Developer in a well-reputed organization. Listed further are some of those skills, amongst the many, that you need to acquire and you can get with the help of an online training program.

1. Understanding of Various Cloud Service Providers

In order to work with the cloud, you must be familiar with the working of various Cloud Service providers. These providers offer numerous services like databases, computing, Machine Learning, cloud storage, etc.

To be a successful Cloud Developer, it is crucial for you to master at least the Cloud Service providers, especially between AWS and Azure as they are the top Cloud Service Providers in the world. Although AWS has been available for a longer period of time in the market and has made its place, Azure has also made a noticeable mark in a shorter period of time.

2. Knowledge of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage basically means the storage of data on the cloud over the internet. Most companies today use the cloud to store their data as it allows them to access and update data from anywhere at any time they want over the internet.

Some of the other advantages of Cloud Storage which makes it popular among organizations are mentioned below:

  • Reliable
  • Cost optimization
  • Easy access
  • Disaster recovery
  • Fast development
  • Data backup and retrieval

The cloud is largely classified into four categories and organizations can choose from them depending on their requirements. The four categories are as follows:

  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Personal Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

Since Cloud Computing is data-centric, it is important for Cloud Developers to understand how to store the data and where. It is because to make the best out of the cloud, you need to keep in mind the type and volume of the business data of an organization and figure out the storing and accessing methods accordingly. Some of the commonly used Cloud Storage services that you must gain experience in include AWS S3, Azure Data Lakes, AWS Glacier, etc.

3. Cloud Networking Skills

Any professional in the field of cloud, irrespective of the job profile, must have in-depth knowledge and skills in networking as it is a crucial part of Cloud Computing since all the systems are connected via a network which makes it easy to share files, data, and other resources. Most network functions are available in the cloud such that a lesser number of user devices are required to work on the network.

With better Internet connections and bandwidth, it has become easier to integrate more amount of networking management functions into the cloud. This has made a huge impact on the rise in the need for cloud networking in the market because it allows users to develop and access networks easily using various. Cloud-based services.

As a Cloud Developer, you should also be familiar with the working of Virtual Networks so that you are capable of working with them in the organization as and when required.

4. Experience in Virtualization

Virtualization software allows users to either reduce the number of systems or has made their systems more efficient with the help of virtual machines (VMs). They are capable of running several virtual machines simultaneously on the same system performing various functions.

Virtualization makes the business resources and hardware systems fault-tolerant and scalable and to move towards Serverless Computing, it is important for the cloud professionals in the organization to have an experience in AWS Lambda, EC2, and other services of the cloud, along with knowledge of virtual machines.

5. Skills in Linux OS

Linux is an open-source and free platform that offers a range of features, such as security, easy customization, and more, which has made it popular in programmers. Due to this, most cloud providers have adopted Linux in their platforms.

As a cloud professional with excellent skills in designing, architecting, building, and managing Linux servers in a cloud-based environment, you will excel in your career and land high-paying jobs in top MNCs in the world.

6. Knowledge of Disaster Recovery and Cloud Security

Cloud security is necessary in order to protect business applications, data, and infrastructure stored in the cloud. It works in a similar manner as the security of the same stored on-premise.

Cloud security requires professionals to take some specific security measures that are necessary for all types of computing environments. These measures include:

  • Know that the systems and data are protected
  • Track the current security state
  • Trace and respond to new and unexpected events

7. Programming Skills

To be a Cloud Developer, or in fact any IT professional, you must have skills in programming languages. Cloud Developers are required to develop, deploy, and maintain applications. Some of the programming languages and frameworks that you must learn to excel as a Cloud Developer and give a boost to your career are as follows;

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • XML
  • Python
  • .Net
  • JavaScript
  • PHP

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Start Your Career as a Cloud Developer

Through this ‘Top 7 Skills Needed to Become a Cloud Developer’ blog, you have gained a detailed understanding of what cloud development is, who are the professionals in this domain and what exactly it is that they do, and the major skills that you need to acquire to become a Cloud Developer. So, if you are interested in getting into this field, you should take the first step by signing up for the best course on Cloud Computing and attain all the necessary skills that will make you proficient in the domain, making you a successful Cloud Developer.