Top Data Engineering Bootcamps in 2021

Top Data Engineering Bootcamps in 2021

Gaining valuable data insights can help companies meet many business objectives. You must be knowing that data scientists are those professionals who analyze massive datasets and draw such conclusions for business leaders. However, uncovering trends is a complex task and requires a lot of prior work to make the data ready for analysis. This is where the role of data engineer comes into play. Data engineers maintain the data infrastructure that supports business applications. They work closely with data scientists to provide them high-quality data for analysis.

Data engineering can also be called the backbone of data science. It involves handling the influx of structured and unstructured data that enters the systems of an organization. You can think of it as a specialization wherein professionals focus on building, maintaining, testing, and evaluating big data solutions. Taking data engineer courses is the key to learning its fundamentals and stepping into this in-demand career field. As data engineering has garnered a lot of attention lately, many professionals have already searched for reliable online training courses. However, finding one course that satisfies all your learning needs is difficult.

In this article, we have listed some of the best data engineering bootcamps available over the internet. All the courses are completely online and you can start learning in the comfort of your home.

Here goes the list! 

Post Graduate Program in Data Engineering

Training provider – Simplilearn

Simplilearn has partnered with one of the world’s leading research and training institutes, Purdue University, and collaborated with tech giant IBM to offer this comprehensive data engineering program. It gives you a clear understanding of the Hadoop framework, data pipelines with Kafka, data processing using Spark, Azure cloud infrastructure, and Big data on AWS. The program is coupled with live sessions, masterclasses from Purdue faculty and IBM experts, Ask Me Anything sessions, and IBM hackathons.

Course duration – 8 months (5 to 10 hours per week)

Salient features:

  • 8X higher live interaction with 130+ hours of live online classes by industry experts
  • Become entitled to membership in the Purdue University Alumni Association
  • Capstone from 3 domains and 14+ Projects with Industry datasets from YouTube, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.
  • IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months that provides career assistance
  • Access to IBM Cloud Lite account

Data Engineering Bootcamp

Training provider – Springboard

This data engineering course helps you switch your career to an in-demand tech role without quitting your job. You get to interact with expert mentors, student advisors, and career coaches that help you throughout the course duration. The modules covered in this course are big data engineering, data engineering in the cloud, data pipelines and orchestration, data virtualization and container-based application, streaming data and APIs, interacting with data, and coding for data engineering.  

Course duration – 6 months (15 to 20 hours per week)

Salient features:

  • Weekly 1:1 video calls to provide feedback on projects and refine your career strategy
  • 400+ hours of coursework that combines lectures, projects, and career resources
  • Two capstone projects focused on real-world data engineering problems
  • Full career support for six months after course completion
  • Industry-driven curriculum

Data Engineer with Python Career Track

Training Provider – DataCamp

This track by DataCamp consists of 25 in-depth courses that will teach you how to build an effective data architecture, maintain large-scale data systems, and streamline data processing. You will learn to create data engineering pipelines using languages like SQL, Scala, and Shell, apart from Python. The courses will add cloud and big data tools like AWS, PySpark, MongoDB, Boto, and Spark SQL to your skillset. Upon completing this track, you will have a clear understanding of the critical database, scripting, and process skills required to grow your career.

Course duration – 95 hours

Salient features:

  • Short video tutorials and hands-on coding exercises
  • All learning and interactive exercise run in your browser
  • Real-time feedback and reward points awarded with progress
  • Work on industry projects where you will carry out an end-to-end analysis on real-world tasks using real-world tools and workflows

Become a Data Engineer Nanodegree Program

Training Provider – Udacity

Enter the world of data engineering and learn how to build production-ready data infrastructure with Udacity’s data engineering program. You will learn how to design data models, build data warehouses and data lakes, work with massive datasets and automate data pipelines. Further, you will use ETL tools to build databases in PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra. Prior knowledge of Python and SQL fundamentals is necessary to take this course.

Course duration – 5 months (5 to 10 hours per week)

Salient Features:

  • Real-world projects and immersive content
  • Work on a capstone project to build a data engineering portfolio project
  • Technical mentor support throughout the course
  • Resume support, LinkedIn profile optimization, and GitHub portfolio review

Now that you have a clear idea about the reliable training providers offering data engineering courses, you shouldn’t delay your learning. Data engineering is one of the most critical skills in today’s job market with ample career opportunities. Companies are looking for skilled data engineers who can help build a robust data infrastructure. Moreover, with data engineering knowledge, one can even upgrade to a data scientist position after gaining relevant experience. So, join the data engineering bandwagon today and reap its benefits!