Trendspotting: 3D rendering takes the architecture market

Trendspotting: 3D rendering takes the architecture market

With technological advancements, magical things can happen in design. There is no limit to our imagination when 3D rendering service has penetrated the architecture industry. There’s more room for architects to come up with dazzling ideas. What’s 3D rendering and why is it so important in architecture? Keep reading to unmask the mysteries.

What’s 3d rendering?

3D rendering refers to the process that uses computer software to translate the flat scene into three-dimension and add textural, material and lighting to complete a 3D image. The rendering process is similar to photography. Still, unlike photography, the scenes are imaginary with all elements re-created. 3D rendering has been applied in our daily life. 3D rendering has brought a new revolution in design and change the way we present the yet-to-be-built construction.

Why is it better than the traditional hand stretch design?

3D rendering not only saves time but also makes spotting mistakes and modification much easier comparing to hand stretch. We can adjust the design simply through a 3D rendering program. 3D rendering greatly improves the efficiency as well as presents the building of its future vision. The realness enables people to preview the effect and gain real-time feedback and aids. That is what traditional hand stretch can’t achieve.

3D rendering is going to be more and more popular

According to the report, 3D rendering garners a great pace for years to come. For its easy-to-use feature and exceptional efficiency, 3D architecture service is gaining traction among architects and design companies. Its significant advantages attract a large number of designers worldwide. For example, AIMIR CG works with many famous architecture companies for many years. It has done a lot of projects, from a small interior home design to a large master plan. One of its projects has been published in the News Year Times. Also, it established a long-run partnership with ZHA, a firm designing many splendid architectures around the world. This year, another masterpiece of AIMIR is the Morpheus hotel in Macau, also known as the Monte Carlo of the Orient in the east. There’s no doubt that AIMIR always pursuit high-quality rendering service.

What are the market opportunities for 3D rendering?

A report said that the fast-growing demand for real-time rendering solutions is an active driver in the architecture market. An increasing number of designers prefer 3D rendering services to traditional methods. 3D architecture visualization has changed the way of real estates sell the house. Virtual Reality enables clients to visit the house far away through the Internet. Besides, a strong immersive experience increases interaction and connection with clients. The advanced technologies provide better customer service and real-time images. Both help design companies attract customers more efficiently and conveniently.

What are the advantages of 3D rendering?

First, effective time management is one of the advantages. The working process has accelerated by 3D renderings service, which provides a faster method to deal with the model, and adding texture without any delay. A case in point is AIMIR CG. The fast turnaround time received high applause from many clients, especially those who have emergent projects. The flexible and effective working method of AIMIR CG safeguard the deadline. Working with AIMIR CG, you’re involved in every stage to control the quality and free yourself from overburden.

Second, the stunning visual appeal can’t be ignored. It might be difficult to convert the concept into images in mind. But this problem gets easier with 3D rendering. A compelling rendering can engage viewers with your design in a 3D dimension. As a popular marketing tool, 3D rendering creates stunning visual effects to show the features, which boost sale extensively. AIMIR committed to delivering photorealistic rendering to whoever it works with. What AIMIR tries to do is make its clients profit from using 3D rendering service.

What is the driving force of 3D rendering?

The 3D rendering services enable architects to check proportions and scales through intuitive interactive 3D modeling. The need for 3D rendering is gathering momentum by the real-time experience in design and architecture. This is better resource management while building projects. In that way, architects can view every detail before construction and hence, reduce their time and extra cost.


As 3D rendering benefits architects and designers, there is a growing need of this service on the market. Given all the advantages and market trend of 3D rendering service, it is high time to jump on it. AIMIR will standby to better serve all clients in the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for a reliable and reputable CG company, why don’t you contact AIMIR to visualize your design?