What are the Best Data Science and Machine Learning Courses?

What are the Best Data Science and Machine Learning Courses

Do you know that you don’t need to spend a fortune or spend years studying to get knowledge in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other big data fields?

Forecasts show that in the coming years, people with knowledge in data analysis and other skills without formal education will be in high demand.

This forecast implies that anyone with adequate and practical skills in the data sciences and machine learning will have better prospects of getting hired.

Thankfully, a bulk of online resources exists to help you learn the best data sciences and machine learning courses for free. However, some sites require you to pay for an official certificate at the end of the course. 

If you’re looking to improve your data skills and knowledge and catch up on all education materials in the field of data sciences, you can find some of the best courses that you can complete, and use all learning materials at no cost.

Remember that a certificate is important after your learning process, so you should set aside some funds to pay for your certificates after the course. Let’s get down to discussing the best data science and machine learning courses and what they offer.

A Data Science Crash Course at John Hopkins University (Coursera)

This course gives a free and simple insight into data science, how it operates, and what you can do with it.

The course is introductory, and it focuses on helping people understand the bigger picture as it concerns jobs related to data science, and people seeking to become data scientists. It also helps people to understand the technicalities associated with data science.

Essentials of Data Science and Machine Learning: Microsoft (EdX)

This course is created for people seeking to increase their employment and career prospects, using theoretical and practical knowledge. 

When you begin this course, you will learn about the terms and concepts related to data science. You will also be taken through statistical topics like classification, clustering, regression, and other practical methods of model building and evaluations.

Because it is a Microsoft course, the cloud-based materials, have the Azure framework of the company as its focus. However, the course teaches the concepts that are practicable in other organizations that operate cloud-based frameworks like AWS.

Learn Data Science with R (Coursera)

Ram Reddy, a renowned expert in data analysis, and R put together this course that gives an in-depth exposition into unrivaled R programming. The ten tutorials in the course focus on expert R programming also introduce students to the language and serves as a primer to help them understand and relate well to data science.

R is a free and open-source environment and language similar to Python, which has gained acceptance as a general workable standard among data scientists. It is accepted and practiced because it is flexible and powerful.