What is network security and why is it important


As we all know, a number of people have started working from offline to online mode, so there are a number of things they have to understand about the aspect of their work. There are more than 100 millions of hackers online at a time from all over the world who can hack your site, Or can spam so many your sites which can cause some serious effects to your site. Computer security breaches practices are being performed mostly every day! Some of them are considered very low or minor, but most of them are major! 

There are so many online cases of breaching network security all over the world and specially in India. You would have heard about the hacking of Sony pictures network security data. In 2014, a case came forward which showed evidence about the hacking of Sony Pictures network which the FBI forwarded it to the government of North Korea. Not only this but when it comes to the trending one then there was a serious blame on the Russian hackers that they tried to hack the US presidential election with some other agencies, but in the end they got saved from some tricks they applied. 


This is one of the most frequently asked questions on the internet because it is something everyone should have a knowledge about. Network security is basically a process of taking some preventative measures to safeguard the underlying network from misuse, malfunction, unauthorized access and from various other illegal harmful things. Regulating and implementing these measures most of the time allows computer users to perform whichever functions and programs they want to perform within a secured and safe environment. Hackers are currently looking for a number of vulnerabilities so that they can spam or can perform hacking. 

Most of the time we take so many things lightly. For example there are a number of times we are asked to set a strong password but we take everything lightly. Every password should be set strong and complex enough which not even a great hacker can track. There are many types of network security and some of them are access control, firewalls, application security, Virtual private network, wireless security, intrusion prevention system and behavioural analytics.

Securing a network isn’t as easy as you think. It is something which only qualified people can perform or someone who is engaged with some network security courses. Protection of a network is one of the most important things and should be done right from the starting. There are a number of things which are required to secure a combination of routers, devices, firewalls and some anti software applications . Government agencies and big businesses specially employ highly skilled information security analysts who have a keen knowledge about every single thing. Monitoring the efficacy and the links on that website is one of their work. 


 If you are thinking that only government agencies and businesses need a high level of network then you are wrong! Network security is a basic thing which you are required even for home Networks. No doubt network security is one of the most important things which everyone should perform on their server, and connections. There are so many Houses with a fast internet speed or connection and for this they may have wireless routers which can be easily hacked or sometimes can be exploited if not secured perfectly. A solid network security system always helps to reduce the leakage of data, theft and other illegal activities. 

Some of the very basic and necessary things you can perform to protect your network are-

*Changing your router admin password and username which is a good step. 

*Activation of encryption as well as changing the network name is another useful step. 

*Turning off the guest network as well as double up on the firewall. 

*Updating router firmware is another important step to perform. 

Performing these steps will definitely help you to protect your network on some advance basis. Following them on a regular basis is your responsibility or otherwise some serious spamming or hacking can be performed easily. 

Most of the time a network security attack is the most dangerous thing which a number of us face. It can be defined as a method, process or anything which is basically used to attempt an attack or a crack in your network security. Preventing it by applying so many networks, prevention is what is known as network security. 

Keeping everything safe from your router’s password to your site’s data is one of the most important things in today’s life. No doubt there are many difficulties which hackers too have to face because of the strong password and network and that is what you have to do. Try to protect your network or try to perform a good network security from a reputed analyst only. Keeping your data safe should be your priority.