What to look in a VPN while working from home

What to look in a VPN while working from home

Considering the Covid-19 pandemics, remote working has become the new norm for many organizations and the usage of Virtual Private Network(VPN) is also increased. Browsing the Internet on an unsecured public wifi network could be uncovering your private information but a VPN can hide all the information that can put your privacy at risk. With the help of a VPN users can search the web anonymously.

These are some of the top benefits of VPN that a user can experience while using VPN software. Let’s know how a VPN protects us.

What To Look For In A VPN While Working From Home?

Working from home has become the new normal thanks to advancements in technology. Anyone can easily connect to their colleagues from any corner. Simultaneously technology is the element stimulated by a migratory lifestyle to exist agreeably. As the technology has been developed so have the numbers of hackers also. While browsing the internet remotely it is crucial to protect your computer or laptop with a VPN.

Several VPN fulfill only a few objectives such as streaming, privacy, gaming, or accessing web content where the internet is censored. However, if you are a new user of a VPN service you can try a free VPN service. For example, Hola VPN is one of the VPN that has free as well as a Premium plan. However, Hola VPN Free vs Premium has some major differences in their features that one should be aware of before choosing any of them. Although, if you want to purchase the premium plan of Hola VPN, you can use the Hola VPN promo code to get it at a discounted price.

Here Are Some Of The Top Benefits Of VPN For Using Vpn While Working From Home

Privacy While Using Public Wifi

While working from home sometimes your internet connection gets interrupted, users may have to enable public wifi which is not a safe option. This can be quite problematic as it can put your credentials or online identities in danger. Internet breaches and unwanted threads can arise while accessing public wifi. Using a VPN can secure data with a strict no-log policy. Users can enable the kill switch option in VPN in case their internet connection is disrupted.

Hide Your Real IP Address

The majority of folks know that while browsing the internet our data is collected by ISP or Government. Some of the websites that are restricted to use, the reason behind this is they have access to your real IP address. Your IP address reveals your location. Using a VPN can hide your IP address even while working from home.

VPN allows users to generate different IP addresses to prevent hackers from stealing data. It is important for people whose work involves surfing the internet and accessing numerous websites.

Bypass Geo-restricted Sites

Users while working from home face issues when browsing the internet they might be unable to open restricted sites. VPN can help to unblock restricted websites using a server in that particular location without any risk of being tracked. Especially those who open multiple websites for research purposes will need a VPN for accessing blocked websites. You will also need VPN for streaming sites like Netflix & Hotstar. Having one of the best VPN to unblock Hotstar and Netflix will let you stream and enjoy your favorite movies and shows at home.

Thus, to receive authorization to access such sites, users need to use VPN. It will prevent the local content restrictions and allow their users to access internet sites anonymously.

Enhance In Productivity And Efficiency

Employers while working from home often get distracted thinking about their online privacy and security. As the number of people using the internet is increasing, the number of cyber-attacks has also increased. Thinking about online security can be a distraction for many of us, using a VPN from the comfort of your home can solve this problem. This can increase your productivity and efficiency level and you can focus more on your task.

People also face slow internet connection and limited bandwidth, these barriers can also be solved using VPN. VPN can provide a seamless connection so that people with fast internet connections can conduct online meetings without interruption.

Multiple Devices Can Be Protected

There are various VPN apps available that allow users to connect to multiple devices. Mean users don’t have to install different software for different devices for protection. By using a good VPN, users can secure all the devices such as windows, iOS, smart tv, game consoles, routers, etc.

IPVANISH VPN allows its users to connect 10 devices simultaneously. Multiple platforms can be protected by a single VPN account.

Beat Price Discrimination Problems

Have you thought about why the same commodities on the same websites have different prices? It is because they identify your location based on your real IP address. Based on your location, they offer you discounts and offers. That is why some locations show higher prices. VPN can help remove this price discrimination issue by changing the IP address on the store location. People that work remotely might need to order products or tools for their job purpose, VPN can help them to pay the right prices for the product they need.


For some folks, it might not be important to use VPN while working from home but this is the fact that VPN offers many benefits as it brings an extra layer of security to the internet. It is so essential to use VPN to present internet breaches. As the pandemic takes place the number of people working remotely increases thereby cyber threats also increase. Protecting yourself from threats is vital, Virtual private Networks can help to get security and privacy while working from home or your favorite cafe.