Whatsapp Policy Changes: Why SnatchApp could be the best Alternative

  • Whatsapp gave users an ultimatum: share your data with Facebook or stop using the platform.
  • SnatchApp and Signal gained the most since users started to abandon Whatsapp.
  • Amazon AWS and Google dropped Parler – causing an effective shutdown for now.
  • SnatchApp reviews topped that of Zoom, Signal and Whatsapp for 3 months consecutively
  • Country leaders like Edrogan in Turkey started to encourage citizens to leave Whatsapp according to Bloomberg.

Big changes are coming to WhatsApp that have left people unsure about the legitimacy of the privacy-focused stance the messaging app sells itself to be. With big names such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk suggesting that users switch over to encrypted messaging apps, the question is: What app do I switch to? The answer, in short, may be rising star, SnatchApp.

WhatsApp Updated its Privacy Policy

Starting from 8th February this year, WhatsApp will force its users to  to share personal data with Facebook, its parent company. WhatsApp confirmed that users will have to agree to let Facebook and its subsidiaries collect WhatsApp data. This includes all personal information such as user phone numbers, contacts’ phone numbers, location, and much more. And if users do not accept this? They will lose all access to WhatsApp.

Why the Change?

In 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp and in 2016 users were given the one-time chance to opt out of having app data shared with Facebook. WhatsApp was not immediately available to comment on why it had decided to override this policy. However, a WhatsApp spokeswoman did offer some reasoning behind the change. Mainly, it is to allow businesses to store WhatsApp chats using Facebook’s broader infrastructure.

WhatsApp User out-cry

Understandably, there has been a user out-cry ever since the announcement last Wednesday. Many have switched over to other messaging apps in an effort to protect their sensitive information. Telegram and Signal are popular contenders for the replacement. However, SnatchApp may ultimately prove to be the top choice- and for good reason. 

Founded by brothers Avi Benezra, and Henri Benezra, SnatchApp is on a mission to offer the world’s most secure, private and technologically advanced messaging app. It boasts many useful (and entertaining features). A fun feature included in SnatchApp is the Voice Changer. This allows people to change the pitch of their voice and can get creative on this app. Another popular feature from SnatchApp is File Share. This allows users to send something safely and securely with their contacts. Additionally, users can retrieve important contacts through other accounts such as Yahoo, Google and Outlook which is proving useful when making a switch to a different messaging app.

Additionally, unlike WhatsApp (and even popular alternative Signal), SnatchApp makes use of open source codes. While this may sound like it makes your data susceptible, it in fact is the opposite as it promotes accountability of the provider. Open source means that the messaging app is accessible to everyone and experts can verify that the code is actually as secure as the makers claim it to be. The software is therefore available for updates and any auditing by experts to ensure that user data is truthfully and continuously being protected. 

How does SnatchApp Protect User Privacy?

SnatchApp shows it values user privacy, not with words, but with its features and policies. The Timer and Hidden Messages features protect user privacy even further. Users are able to set a timer to a message and it will ‘self destruct’ (be permanently erased) when set. Users are able to hide important messages they wish to keep private. Additionally, end-to-end encryption is essential when it comes to protecting privacy. This means that you and the person (or group of people) you are chatting with are the only ones that can see the messages. Third parties will not be able to intercept your messages, not even the provider. SnatchApp has end-to-end encryption set up as the default

Who has market Share?

Following WhatsApp’s announcement, it is no surprise that competitors have seized their opportunity to grab hold of the market. Messaging apps such as WeChat, Signal and Telegram have all seen their download rates increase. And the same goes for SnatchApp. SnatchApp’s glowing reviews from over 2000 users on Google Play gives the app an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. In comparison, WhatsApp has been rated 4.3 with one million reviews -most of them being negative. Considering that SnatchApp is still viewed as a relatively new addition to the digital communications market, its future looks promising.

It is important to remember that no messaging app out there on the market today can cover all of your security and privacy needs. All apps collect data in some shape and form. With the vast amounts of data (and companies/governments willing to pay top dollar for it) it simply is not possible. However, users have the right to access basic privacy information to be properly informed. SnatchApp includes features and policies that put their money where their mouth is. Additionally, it has fewer ties to big corporations such as Facebook in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, making them more credible- and scandal free.

Find the best Version of SnatchApp for you:

Snatch App web: https://snatchapp.me/en/

iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/app/snatch-app/id1225178149

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SnatchApp

Windows desktop: App/9nblggh526j6?cid=msft_web_chart&rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab