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Diversity Aboveground: White Male Allies Needed

White male allies have started to feel what minorities have felt all their lives. They aren’t the star of every film anymore. Sometimes, they’re basically just there to be the villain. It’s great for minorities to see themselves on the screen. Sometimes, it’s fun to read the complaints over Twitter about the new leads in

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Marvel’s Joe Quesada Chimes-In On ‘Namor: The Sub-Mariner’ Film Rights

In an interesting development,  Marvel’s King of Atlantis himself Namor: The Sub-Mariner film rights could have returned to Marvel Studios. We’ve known for ages the films rights had been secured by Universal, and some new comments from Marvel might suggest otherwise. During Kevin Smith’s Fatman on Batman podcast, Marvel CCO Joe Quesada reveals that the studio has

Is that Daveed Diggs in the background?

‘Mary Poppins Returns’ December 25, 2018

The long rumored sequel to Disney’s 1964 film, “Mary Poppins”, is happening. Not only has Disney confirmed a December 25, 2018 release date but also a director and main cast. Rob Marshall will direct with his Mary Poppins being Emily Blunt and a new friend, Jack the Lamplighter played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Over twenty years

‘Dope’ Director Rick Famuyiwa Set To Helm ‘The Flash’ Feature Film

Today, Deadline is reporting that Dope director Rick Famuyiwa is set to helm the upcoming Flash feature film starring Ezra Miller. This comes off the director started following multiple DC Comics social media accounts in the recent weeks. Also, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith left the project as director after penning the script.